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New Look Title for my page and website! It dorned on me that I wear my ‘Faerie Key’ made of puta around my neck every day as an ode to my Faerie faith and of the magic, wonder, enchantment, and spellbinding inspiration and art I need to create for you! hence the new name ‘The Key of Fae’ with love Faerie Nicole


Final business card the key of fae

By Nicole Wood

New upcoming artwork for Doctors Medical Centre!

Jumping over moonbeams with faerie Nicole
Delighted to announce I have been given the artistic job of painting a children’s enchanted mural for my local doctors medical centre!!!! I am jumping for joy over moonbeams!
Blessings and gratitude for the faeries, angels and universe for believing in me. Can’t wait to start painting……
If you would love a fresh splash of colour! A touch of sparkle! And portal to enchantment!
You will love ‘ENCHANTED DESIGN’ created with love by Mystical Artist Faerie Nicole
Nicole is only too happy to give you a FREE quote accompanied with enchanted design ideas
Phone her on mobile: 0421188949 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday
By Nicole Wood


Excited to announce round one of voting has commenced for the 2013 Art Awards by well known fantasy Artist Selina Fenech. You are able to choose two of your favourite artists! On the voting page scroll down below the artists images and …you will see a list of the artists names to vote for (Nicole Wood) …. I would love, love your votes as the top 5 will go through to the next round. Winner receives a licensing contract with Selina Fenech’s Fairies and Fantasy Company!!!! Voting is opened until 30th MAY 2013 ~ Faerie Nicole ~ ‘Weaving the spell of enchantment’ with you ♥

The above link will take to the voting page!
Excited to announce voting has commenced! and would love you to vote for me as an Artist ♥ Pink marshmellow wishes to say thankyou so much for your votes!!!!  Much love and sparkles Faerie Nicole



Faerie Nicole’s ~ Faerie /Princess Wearable Art! Head Garlands ….. For Princess Pearls and Little Kings ….

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Beyond the sparkling rivers that shine.

And into a place where all things sparkle and shimmer!

Faerie Nicole presents you ….

with her unique and enchanting personally crafted, head garlands and wrist shimmers ~

’Faerie / Princess’ wearable Art!

For Princess Pearls and little Kings!

A sparkling way to add  something extra special for your little child’s or the child in you!

‘Birthday celebrations’,  ‘dance’ or  ‘delightful life celebrations!’

Created with a touch of sparkle, shimmer and shine, ribbons of colour and faerie love divine!

Made with bubbles of wishes, dragonflies, flowers, stars, sequence, satin bows and butterfly dreams;

so that every little person big or small can frolic and dance in the sweet shadows of faerie magic!

Each ‘Faerie/Princess garland’ comes with its own little gossamer bag of ‘faerie dust’ and a delightful faerie message to those who wear these elegant sacred faerie finery and delicately wrapped in the softness of tissue paper ….

No two will ever be really the same!

Enchantment Awaits You! ~ Every minute. Every hour! of your beautiful celebrations!

Choose to be Captivated, Inspired and feel the magic of enchantment!!!!

Created with much love & sparkles ~by Faerie Nicole 2012

  • Commissions Welcome if you have any colour and or beading preferences for special occassions
  • Fairy and party shops welcome to purchase from me in bulk

Please e-mail me for pricing